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Do you have experience in the health and wellness field? Are you passionate about leading others towards positive lifestyle chage? Through the Community Care Academy, you can receive the necessary training to be placed on a community care team. These teams play a critical role in the transition that health systems around the United States are making to value-based care .

Community care teams are made up of well-educated and passionate professionals that have recieved specialized training in delivering programs designed to slow, stop, and reverse the progression of various disease conditions. NBT, through the Community Care Academy, recruits, trains, and approves the professionals required to assemble community care teams around the country.

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Community Care Teams throughout the Health Systems' service area can represent a new connection that redefines the relationship with the community at large by enhancing the patient experience, patient access, patient engagement, and patient communication.

Your first step is to add yourself to the Community Care Team Registry to find out how you can take your skills and experience to the next level and be part of one of the many community care teams currently being formed around the country.