network builders team inc.

Healthcare innovation is not about iPhone apps. It's about disciplined approaches to rapidly testing new ideas to promote better patient care. We're moving into an era where 'getting away' with as little testing as possible is an essential feature of successful innovation--so long as that testing is done in a real context where the results are believable.

David A. Asch, M.D.

NBT is a Design-Build (DB) Services Organization developing Community Care Collaboratives that are structured, standardized, scalable, cost transparent, private labeled and operationally monitored for patient-centered care providing Health Systems the following three primary services:

  1. Design Consulting
  2. Development Actions
  3. Quality Assurance

The ultimate goals of the  Community Care Collaborative are to extend Health System populations reach, engagement capabilities, community identity and to help achieve:

  • Value-based care transformation
  • Patient-centered care coordination
  • Triple Aim
  • Population health management (PHM) integration
  • Patient-centered medical home integration
  • Top line payer revenue from value-based contracts


  • Collaborative Consulting
  • Professional Education
  • Framework Development
  • Quality Assurance