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The Accelerating Demand for
Community Care Professionals

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With an estimated 84 million pre-diabetics, 2017 reimbursement for the DPP by health plan and employer-based insurance has escalated demand
for DPP Lifestyle Coaches that can achieve the
program’s challenging performance milestones.

Medicare reimbursement starting on April 1, 2018, is accelerating demand even further for Lifestyle Coaches delivering the DPP to an
estimated 22 million Medicare pre-diabetic beneficiaries.

Become a member of the Moonshot Workforce Registry to select your preferred DPP Lifestyle Coach assignments or other
community care team roles providing well-paid services to the pre-chronic
and chronically ill population groups in your community.


Community Care

Community Care typically includes community-based delivery systems that can now leverage a non-clinical workforce to fill the roles for effective delivery of chronic disease care programs that address healthy lifestyle modifications and social determinants of health.

Worldwide, chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability.  In the U.S., over 100 million adults are living with prediabetes or diabetes.  More than half of American adults have been diagnosed with one or more chronic conditions.  And, 86% of all healthcare costs are related to chronic diseases.

Join Workforce

Here are the steps for your Moonshot Community Care professional journey that can be experienced on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device:

  1. Sign up online below to access professional development information, assignment opportunities for placement in your area, and professional community interactions.
  2. Receive an invitation to join the Moonshot Workforce Registry establishing a priority position for well-paying roles to deliver chronic disease prevention and management programs.
  3. Register on the Moonshot Workforce Registry and take the professional role survey to establish continuing education preferences.
  4. Participate in the professional development to be included in a priority pool for community care role assignments.
  5. Use the Professional Forum for peer support discussing roles and experiences along with access to knowledge resources for best practices.
  6. Review local assignment alerts for positions that match your role preferences.
  7. Select the assignments that best fit your role, schedule, and travel time.
  8. Follow online instructions for assignments and validate program delivery specifications to increase performance payments and professional ratings.
  9. Payments for your services are calculated automatically and upon your verification, that amount is transferred to your bank account.
  10. Additional assignments can be accepted at any time to increase monthly professional activities and payments.

Use Workforce

Use the Moonshot Workforce Registry for your
organization to access configured groups of
curated community care professionals based on
location, skills, certifications, training, experience
ratings, and annual compliances.

The Moonshot Workforce Registry aims to initially establish a “supply chain” of curated Lifestyle Coaches ready for NDPP and/or MDPP delivery. This is particularly important to those DPP payers, providers, and delivery organizations that require a pool of Lifestyle Coaches available on demand to facilitate DPP cohorts as they become available for participation.

If you need DPP Lifestyle Coaches or other community care roles filled for your organization’s delivery of community-based chronic disease services, use the form below to have a Moonshot Workforce Registry fact sheet emailed directly to you.  Learn how to find and manage the community care professionals that you need to engage your chronic disease population groups.

Moonshot Community Care is managed by the Network
Builders Team to build and support a curated workforce
of community care professionals qualified to deliver
chronic disease prevention and management programs in coordination with clinical care teams.

Building a bridge of trust linking clinical care with community care

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The Timing is Perfect for a Moonshot

Moonshot Community Care is an initiative to assemble a non-clinical workforce of quality registered community-based care professionals available on demand to deliver chronic disease services. A professionally developed workforce that builds a bridge of trust to link clinical care with community care. This curated frontline workforce addresses root cause risk factors to prevent or lessen …