The Accelerating Demand for
Community Care Professionals

Sign Up for Moonshot Community Care a professional development and workforce placement registry for the delivery of chronic disease programs starting with the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) as Lifestyle Coaches

In 2017, reimbursement for the DPP by health plan and employer-based
insurance has escalated demand for DPP Lifestyle Coaches that can
achieve the program’s challenging performance milestones.

Medicare reimbursement starting on April 1, 2018, is accelerating demand even further for Lifestyle Coaches delivering the DPP to an
estimated 22 million Medicare pre-diabetic beneficiaries.

With an estimated 86 million pre-diabetics in the U.S.,
DPP annual enrollment could exceed 1.3 million.

Become a Moonshot Community Care Professional registered
and ready to accept DPP Lifestyle Coach assignments or other
community care team roles providing services to the pre-chronic
and chronically ill population groups in your community.

Moonshot Community Care is building a bridge of trust linking clinical care with community care.

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Moonshot Journey

Moonshot Community Care Professional Experience

Here are the steps for your Moonshot Community Care Professional journey that can be experienced on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device:

  1. Sign up online to access professional development information, assignment opportunities for placement, and professional community interactions.
  2. Receive an invitation to join the Moonshot Community Care Registry establishing a priority position for well-paying roles to deliver chronic disease prevention and management programs.
  3. Register on the Moonshot Community Care Registry and take the professional role survey to establish continuing education requirements.
  4. Participate in continuing education courses until role prerequisites are completed to be included in a priority pool for professional assignments.
  5. Use the Professional Forum for peer support discussing roles and experiences along with access to knowledge resources for best practices.
  6. Review local assignment alerts for positions that match your role preferences.
  7. Select the assignments that best fit your role, schedule, and travel time.
  8. Follow online instructions for assignments and validate program delivery specifications to increase performance payments and professional ratings.
  9. Payments for your services are calculated automatically and upon your verification, that amount is transferred to your bank account.
  10. Additional assignments can be accepted at any time to increase monthly professional activities and payments.

About Moonshot

Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is focused on improving the credentials and skill sets of certified health fitness professionals to deliver lifestyle modification programs with an emphasis on physical activity participation.  EIM was launched in 2007 to establish physical activity as a standard in healthcare.  To that end, EIM has published exercise prescriptions for most chronic diseases as a guide to appropriate doses of physical activity foundational to condition specific behavior change programs.

EIM recognized early on improving adherence to lifestyle modifications is a critical facet of improving outcomes and keeping costs low.  The methodology of health behavior change, therefore, has become an important part of the EIM Professional credential that certified health fitness professionals are encouraged to complete as part of their continuing education.

EIM is championing Moonshot Community Care to elevate the level of professional competency and trust in a national workforce of registered professionals by healthcare payers, providers, and delivery network organizations.

Building a bridge of trust is critical to the mission of linking clinical care with community care.  It all begins with a national workforce of community care professionals that can facilitate group delivery of lifestyle modification programs for chronic disease prevention and management.